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Modica, a UNESCO heritage city since 2002, is located 40 km from Noto and 16 km from Ragusa, in the southeastern area of ​​Sicily, and is one of the obligatory stops for those visiting the "Val di Noto" and its baroque cities. Even in this instance, in fact, the late Baroque style is predominant. It was born after the earthquake of 1693, predominates and there are mazes of ancient shacks, historic buildings, and squares, among which towering churches with their high staircases.  Modica called the "city of a hundred churches"  due to the wealth of religious sites,  has risen to prominence thanks to its famous chocolate of Aztec origin, now known throughout the world.

At the end of a rocky promontory, where the land extends into a fantastic plain, the Castle of the Counts of Modica was built. For several centuries it was the center of the political and administrative power of the flourishing County of Modica. It was a fortified military and prison garrison that was mentioned by Carlo d'Angiò in the second list of 1272 state-owned castles. In this castle, there were meetings between the most powerful characters of the county, until the Unity of Italy when it was finally abandoned.

The Ibleo coast is one of the most famous seaside areas of  Sicily. Pleasant seaside resorts and fishing villages follow one another along the coast, characterized by wide beachesof fine golden sand and a clear and clean sea. The shallow, sandy bottoms make this area an ideal resort for families and children.  The Mediterranean climate, mild and sunny during most of the year, makes this corner of Sicily a relaxing but lively resort, thanks to the presence of restaurants and nightclubs located along the entire coast.

Scicli - the town of Montalbano; the initial visual impact can do nothing but leave us speechless: we seem to be faced with a meticulous and successful project of organic architecture. Hundreds of limestone dwellings sprout from the Iblei cliffs with so much respect to the surrounding landscape that they seem to be part of it. Spontaneous is the admiration that comes towards those hands, so light that, over the centuries, they have succeeded in building mansions for humans while preserving the love for nature.
Ragusa - the district of Ibla, the ancient historical center of the city of Ragusa, offers over fifty churches and numerous noble palaces. Located on a hill, the small village dominates the surrounding valley, with its small houses and streets on which the majestic Cathedral of San Giorgio reigns, the maximum expression of the Iblean baroque. The very rich architecture in local limestone takes the form of volutes, voids and full, of columns and capitals, of statues and decorations of various types.
Noto - is a small jewel of Sicilian baroque. A splendid village perched on a plateau overlooking the Asinaro valley. An important Sicilian, Roman, Byzantine and then Arab center, was destroyed in its full splendor by the earthquake of 1693, but thanks to the skillful reconstruction, Noto has become a magnificent city of art, and a Unesco heritage together with Caltagirone,  Militello,  Catania, Modica, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli. Something that cannot be missed in May, is "the floral display" which turns the streets of the city into a flowery carpet.
Among the many Wonder that can be admired besides the Baroque Sicily, we recommend you visit:
. Agrigento and Valle dei Templi - distant about 150 km  
. Caltagirone and its majolica - distant about 75 km
. Piazza Armerina and la Villa del Casale - distant about 100 km
. Siracusa Ortigia and Castello Maniace - distant about 70 km
. Catania with Acitrezza e Acicastello - distant about 120 km
. Taormina and the beautiful Giardini Naxos - distant about 180 km
. Etna and its villages perched in a breathtaking scenery - distant about 170 km
.....and if still not enough.....
Portopalo di Capopassero
La riserva naturale di Vendicari
La Villa del Tellaro
Castello di Donnafugata
Ispica e le Cave
Scala dei Turchi
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