In this first year of activity, we have had to face all those difficulties mainly related to inexperience and bureaucracy that have cost us so much effort, both in terms of dedication and in economic terms. But the satisfactions were not slow to arrive and, already from the first reviews of our guests, we realized that we were on the right path. At the beginning we had the enormous support of Simona, which allowed us to satisfy our guests in the summer highlight season, maneuvering between a requests and the management of the Vicoletto in every part, then, the advent of Anna and Simona, who took the helm with great commitment, seriousness and professionalism while maintaining a very high quality standard. Now, at the end of the first year, awards have also come from the partners we are working with, and it is a huge satisfaction for all of us.     
                                                             THANKS GIRLS
Phone: 347-5739935



Via Sbalzo, 131

97015 Modica (RG)

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