A warm evening in May 2017... during a walk in the crowded but quiet avenues in the center of Modica, me and my wife felt the desire to be part of this beautiful and fascinating corner of Sicily: it is from that evening that, with the precious help and support of Simona, Orazio and Dario, we decided to start this adventure. Life in Modica is amazing. A large and spacious city that is both intimate and secret, Modica grows in a cluster of rocks and caves following a winding road, like a spiral. The heart is the magnificent church of San Giorgio, whose facade is erected like a tower and at the same time soft as a cake. We can see it from every point of the city: from Palazzo Giardina with a spacious terrace and then from the wonderful Palazzo Napolino. Within the walls of the city you can still hear the voice of Quasimodo, the poet who left his small childhood house, today redecorated and guarded by Valeria Lentini, to talk about Sicily all over the world. Here you can find poetry not only in literature but also in the production of sweets and chocolates, on ancient recipes with unexpected flavors. Thus, we find animated for endless parties, the confectioneries of Modica, which preserve the flavors in colored papers. The enchantment and life continue in the night at Villa De Naro Papa, completed of the furnishings and magical in the garden, which is also a theater of gypsy, Arabic, Greek and Spanish music.

Easy, too easy to fall in love with all this...

If I have seen further away it is because I was on the shoulders of giants. (Isaac Newton)

The old Vicoletto

The restructuring...

... and finally Il Vicoletto di Maela was born

Phone: 347-5739935



Via Sbalzo, 131

97015 Modica (RG)

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